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Dear Collegues
We are pleased to announce the official establishment on July 14th, 2012 of the new Federation IFSPS for the study and development of Stabilometry and Posturology. It will include all schools and national organizations for new pulse and interest in a campaign attention to stabilometry.

In order to start working together, we chose these topics:

  1. Standards and protocols
  2. Stabilometry and occlusion
  3. What’s new?

The symposium will be held in Venice-Mestre on April 2013.

It is vital to explore these themes because it is necessary to proceed with constitution of the commission of international standardization.
Moreover the activity of researching with appropriate statistics will give us the opportunity to begin the long process of developing protocols.
The contributions of many schools, even very different from each other, will be necessary. The second topic has been claimed by those who deal with the occlusion.
Daily stabilometric records permit to answer to the desperate need of reliable scientific results.
The third will allow everyone to make a personal contribution and a new light on the posturology and/or on the stabilometry.
Bring your contribution, thank you.

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